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Motosy is an innovative Mobile Tower System that, with the help of pneumatically raised towers, allows us to achieve your goals in various heights, locations, and industries.

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Lifting capacity800 kg design.

Lifting capacity can be increased.

Setup1-3 weeks

After the foundation has been built, setup of the tower happens within a few hours.


Tower consists of 2 - 5 sections. The length of each section is 5 - 7 m.

Easily servicedEasily lowered and raised.

Service height of end equipment is 7-8 m.

Bargain priceComparable to regular towers

The tower's mobility will always give you an advantage.

Technology and specifications

The mobile tower is a system that is pneumatically raised and lowered. This technology provides the ability to easily and quickly raise or lower the tower in order to perform installation of various equipment, maintenance, or other technical work. The sections of the mobile tower are constructed of a comparatively light composite material. The weight advantage allows to decrease transportation and installation costs, while maintaining structural characteristics. The easy raising and lowering of the mobile tower provides the unique benefit of being able to quickly service or change the equipment. The height of the mobile tower when it is lowered allows access to the installed equipment by use of resource effective equipment - hoisting lifts. Construction of the foundation for the mobile tower requires a small base field without additional supports or rinvestment of resources. Construction of such a foundation is easy and efficient. After geological survey, the option of threaded pile foundations may be considered, which would also allow the foundation to be constructed in a shorter amount of time.


The platform for the end equipment to be setup can be adjusted and can have transitions and extensions installed for any end equipment.


The exterior coating of the tower ensures resistance to the effects of atmospheric, UV ray, and other environmental factors.

Tower segments

Cylinders of composite material, which are formed by an interior and exterior layer of fiberglass that is separated by a polyurethane filling. Binding agents are applied using vacuum infusion technology, which significantly increases the strength and integrity of the product.

Connecting-locking hub

A unique mechanism that engages and disengages using compressed air for raising and lowering the tower.

Pneumatic connection

An air compressor or receiver is connected, which is necessary to raise or lower the tower. Pressure is not needed in either final position.


Tower foundations can be of traditional reinforced concrete or can make use of threaded pile systems, which would decrease the construction time and environmental impact.

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12 - 30 m

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About us

In early 2012, the MOTOSY team took on the challenge to create a mobile tower system that requires less setup time, is easily serviceable, and mobile. Since the beginning of the project, we have developed original technological manufacturing equipment, which has no precedent, for manufacture of plastic sectioned tubes up to 2m in diameter. We have also found an original technology that prevents the formation of material folds in closed vacuum infusion contours. We have achieved stability and impeccable function with the second version of connecting-locking nodes. The constructed 1:1 prototype, which is in three sections, has confirmed the operability of the mobile tower.

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Eriks Silanaglis

Partner, Engineer, Idea author

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Aerospace engineer, Lead designer


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